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Xmarts Group we are a group of Odoo professional experts and it modules.

We are present in different zones: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Shallow zone in Mexico and Queretaro as well as the Dominican Republic and Ecuador.

Deployed of Xmarts Group  are face-to-face and personalized to serve the different necessities of your company.

Odoo can cover all your enterprise necessities in one step: it does not require different software. Odoo's apps can perfectly integrated each other, what allows you to automate your company’s processes. 

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The most innovative in the market. Tie all your company resources with a full integration.

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Odoo MRP plan and manage your company production. From the warehouse to final customer.

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Easy to install and integrate with Odoo ERP.

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Meet your customers, improve your communication, and sale more.

one-step solutions

We have all solutions and specialized apps that your company needs. 

Digital marketing

Web development

HOSPITAL software


Process improvement

tracking Software


Call center


PBX cloud

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succes stories

Our customers testify to the practicality of Odoo and its applications.    

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World-class corporate uniform factory. With the face-to-face consulting of Xmarts and the tools of Odoo ERP, the internal organization improved; now, they make their garments in an efficient and productive way, monitoring the entire process from the raw material to its final sale.  

Bibo's group storie when implementing Odoo with Xmarts
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The most important bottler in Mexico integrates  Odoo into its Call Center efficiently; improving its customer service operations and telephone marketing.

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Clinics specialized in hearing impairment, knee wear and varicose veins. It has more than 80 branches and controls the financial accounting area from Odoo.

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Leading company in Latin America in the manufacture of cardboard corners.By implementing Odoo ERP, it effectively unified the processes in the purchasing, production and human resources departments of its plants located in Querétaro, State of Mexico, Hermosillo and Tijuana, achieving improved costs and time

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