Point of Sale is easy to use, with ERP Odoo 

Point of sale / RETAIL


Install sale of point in minutes.  It makes sales in seconds, and is compatible with any device.

The Odoo's point of sale , it is based on an intelligent interface that any retail company can use without difficult. Since it is extremely flexible, you can configure it to suit your specific needs.


No installation or specific hardware required.




desktop computers

industrial machines

Mantente en contacto con  tus clientes

Get them back thanks to frequent customer rewards programs.

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     Reward your customers 


Reward your clients using points, gifts and discounts with Odoo’s frequent customers programs. Is a fast process and it can be completely automatic. Identifying your customers is even faster with loyalty cards and consumer identification barcodes

Register your clients

Register your customers to track their consumption habits. You can send them special offers and sale notices with Odoo Mailing. Register the tax identifications of your commercial clients and issue invoices instantly (or send them by email).

ONLINE / OFFLINE. Is not a problem 

Odoo’s point sale does not stop working even if your connection fails.

Set up new stores quickly and easily with an internet connection. Then, you can use the point of sale anywhere, anytime. 

Although an internet connection is required to start, the point of sale it will continue to function even if the connection is cut or failed.

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Gestión de   inventario integrada

Real time control, accurate forecasts to manage acquisitions.

Con With Odoo’s Point of sale, automatically registers any POS transaction in the inventory. You can see the availability of any product in real time without wasting a second.


growth sales and improve your customer experience with oddo system 


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