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Odoo's platform for school control, manages daily activities of colleges, institutes, schools, academies and universities, either with face-to-face or online classes, offering functions that other software does not have.

Xmarts Group guarantees a successful implementation, since it is adapted to the requirements of the educational system and the accounting legislation of each country.

Achieve to manage the different campus or campus in real time, integrating the academic part with the administrative part in one place.

Streamline the admission process

Organizing new entry applications and re-enrollment

Publish the academic offer on your website and create a registry of applicants, whether new or re-enrolled, according to the school year (semester, school year, etc.) taking control automatically.

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New school entrants 

Create a request where they register their personal data and the course they want, in exchange the system will generate their registration number, the data to pay the fee, the dates of the admission exam and the delivery of documents.


Publicize the first admission report and notify your new students via email that they have been accepted, along with the start date of classes and their assigned times.

Organize the academic part

Making the activity efficiently for teachers, students and administrators. 

Save each student's information 
An easily accessible digital file with your personal data, documents, medical details, etc. It can include academic data such as schedules, school achievements and grades and even keep a record of your school activity (attendance, book loan, exams, etc.).
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Organize easily hours and rooms.

Plan the hours of the school period according to the teachers and the number of classrooms on each campus, defining in the system the details of each subject such as name, code, duration and days of class.

You can assign schedules to each group or allow students to accommodate according to their needs, based on their curriculum. You can also make student changes to other classes or groups.

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Create official documents quickly 

Templates made to measure.

Report cards
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Publish exam schedule and results

With the information of the subject, place and date of application. In addition to regular and extraordinary evaluations of the school term, schedule admission exams and certifications


Choose the calculation method (by average, CPA and CC) and generate the results of the evaluations with a transparent process, where each correction is recorded in the change history.
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Monitor library activity 
Odoo's system allows you to know the location of each copy with its virtual catalog, as well as keep a record of the loan and return of books by users through barcode credential.

Improve communication through your website 

Keep parents, teachers, students and all concerned informed of school-related events. 

  • Updated academic offer
  • Publication of calendars
  • Admission test results
  • Calls for scholarships
  • Important releases
  • Extracurricular activities

You can send individual messages or create email distribution lists to convene parent meetings, send behavior reports and payment reminders, track school procedures, and much more.

By logging in, each user can review their class schedules, receive personalized notes and reminders, upload tasks for delivery, among others.

Integrate the administrative area

Set the different enrollment and tuition fees according to the school year and offer various payment methods (online, bank deposit, flexible payments, etc.)

Provide receipts for payments to students and issue invoices immediately, available to print on the fly or email

Direct staff at each campus

Teachers, managers, secretaries, systems and maintenance personnel, among others. Odoo's has tools that record the entrances and exits of each person, the activity during their working hours and facilitate the payment of fees.

Control uniform’s sales.

The barcode system updates the product inventory automatically when registering any transaction, both in your physical, in the online store, to improve the sale of books, uniforms, educational material, sports equipment. 

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