hospital software

Integrate all the elements of Odoo (ERP, CRM, accounting, logistics, inventory, etc.) With the functions of hospitals, clinics, sanitariums or health centers, whether public or private.
Xmarts Group guarantees a successful implementation, since it adapts to the requirements of health sector and accounting legislation of each country.

It is tailored to the needs of your medical institution; you can manage and optimize administrative processes, medical services, human resources, supply chain, medical protocols and much more, managing any hospital on a large scale and connecting with its branches in real time.  

Manage hospital areas

Create special sections for each area within the medical institution. 




operating room

Coordinate your hospital care staff (doctors, nurses, health personnel, paramedics, etc.) detailing the procedures they must carry out:

  • Establish consultation hours
  • List citations by specialty
  • Patient allocation to each doctor
  • Structure the Nursing Plan
  • Schedule operating hours
  • Attention to emergency situations

Keep track of appointments

Register in Odoo Calendario, to always keep activities updated for everyone. You can also receive reservations for medical consultations from your website.

Request laboratory tests.

Quickly generate the results to include them in the corresponding clinical record or so that they can be consulted by the patient directly on your website.

Administre el ingreso y alta de pacientes

Brindándoles una excelente atención durante su estancia.

  • Registry of admitted patients
  • Bed reservation
  • Requests for laboratory tests
  • routine consulations
  • nursing plan
  • food menus
  • Cleaning equipment scheduling
  • Procedures to register.

Digitized clinical records

Record each patient's information in a 100% digital detailed medical history; create files that include necessary data to provide professional care: personal data, medication, vaccines, laboratory results, surgeries, etc. 

Odoo • Text and Image

Nursing Plan

Keep the Nursing Plan up to date including information on rounds, data related to hospitalized patients (medication, allergies, cardiovascular details, etc.) and the administration of medications (dosage, route of administration and frequency).

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Different accounting tasks in one place 

Odoo sadapts to the accounting legislation of each country, facilitating the completion of its tax receipts.

Issue invoices for services such as medical consultations, pharmacy products, laboratory tests, and hospitalizations directly from the Odoo's module

You can find out the balance of expenses and income for each area hospital’s area; from the medicines available in the pharmacy to the payment notifications of a discharged patient.

Health authorities protocols 

Odoo • Image and Text

Easily understand the requirements of the government and the health authorities of each country with Odoo. These are necessary for the hospital to function safely; It can also generate the statistical reports that the health sector needs to detect epidemiological patterns locally, nationally, and internationally.

  • Emergency protocols.
  • Epidemiological reports.
  • Statistical reports.
  • Registration and monitoring of diseases.

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