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At Xmarts Group we know that important is position ourselves in this digital age to accelerate your results. We help your company to realize marketing campaigns that includes: Social network contents, effective and low price announcements, marketing strategy automatized, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), community manager, email marketing, events promotion and more; all through your own website, social networks and email.

Automatized marketing campaigns. 

Create campaigns stages is very simple with the virtual interface; here you can plan new actions, start promotions and much more.  

Once a user contacts your company it can follow up automatically with Odoo focusing on your leads.  

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Position your website on search engines.

Structure your contains and use security protocols (SEO optimize). Search engines, identify your website like relevant, making it easy to find in search results; this, to avoid being taken as fraudulent and start hiding it from your potential customers. 

Each Odoo marketing tool, is linked to Google Analytics and contains SEO tools, which do not need to be configured.

Take advantage of Social Networks!

Improve your company's visibility on the Internet, create a community and increase your sales. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and many others.
Social networks are a most reliable information source than traditional advertising, this because you can respond to all questions that your customers have directly; they can review your page, the best way affecting they buy decisions.

In Xmarts Group we offer the best advisory to create contains to capture market interest combining advertising strategies to take your company to another level.

Share quality content

Get social media users to share your products and services, through images, photos and videos.

Online product/ service catalog

Good photos on your online catalog it will make the difference doing products be more visible and attractive. The contents are adapted to the platform where they will be published, since each one is different and captures different types of public. 

Transmit your message 
Create content for your website, internal communication and special occasions. 

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Profitable advertising, low cost.

Increase your sales and get your investment back in short time.

Thanks to targeting, you can guide your ads not just to followers, but also potential clients according they interest, necessities,  lifestyle and consumption habits.

Analyze your statistics in real-time: how many users did your ad reach, interactions, and how many bought in your online store giving you the possibility to change your strategy to achieve the expected results.

Know your market better. If you know them tastes and necessities you can add worth for your products and services even create new ones to they come back over and over again.

Community Manager

Community Manager speaks on behalf of the company and create links with your customers, followers and any interesting user in your products and services expanding your database and following up on potential customers. 

By knowing how works each social network, achieve your publications to increase your visits to online store, events, etc.

If you are evaluating statistics periodically, you can know the acceptance of ads by users, and make marketing strategies to better promote your company.

Email marketing campaigns in few minutes

Design promotional emails quickly, without the need to touch a single line of code. Emails are dynamic and automatically adapt to any device. 

Segment your database to send different campaigns, depending on the job, city, interests, among others. 

Analyze the percentage of emails received, opened and rejected, as well as clicks on promotions and more.

Organize your owns events

With Odoo Events  you can organize any types of events: from the organization to its sale. 


An event can be free or with online ticket sales on the same page.Show the calendar on your website; your visitors can filter the results by date, location and exhibitors

Also, you can organize the guest list, facilitates the registration process, choose the payment method, give benefits for advance purchases and much more. 

Create surveys online

This Odoo feature, allows you to effortlessly create forms, satisfaction surveys, ratings, and more.

Quickly, share your forms online and get real-time results to improve your marketing strategy. 

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